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    They contacted us with a hacked server/site, and their Google search results title and description were displaying ads/links for Prescriptions. We immediately got on it, removed malware/sql injections from the server, setup Webmaster Tools, built and submitted xml site map to Google, and had it re-indexed within 4 days. Client is ecstatic, and has put in a call with me to set us up for ongoing services.


    Date of Posting: 10 October 2012
    Posted By: Mike Abramov
    Canoga Park, CA

    The quality of our website, I believe is second to none! Speed Dreams LLC has a very niche market in the DFW metroplex and with the design and implimentation of Joomla Pros, we have a presentation that matches the style, power and finness of our Ferrari's, Lamborghinis & Maserati's! Great Job!


    Date of Posting: 12 May 2012
    Posted By: Charles Morton
    Owner, Dallas

    When we first took on the project, we had several developers before USJP's, and they couldn't meet our needs. The USJP team quickly stepped up and took on a project that seemed almost impossible. The communication was great and changes/features we requested were done either the same or the next day. I personally couldn't be happier with the USJP team, or how the website turned out. I'd recommend them to any one of my friends or family.


    Date of Posting: 08 May 2012
    Posted By: Corey M
    Creative Director for, Detroit

    I am very impressed with Scott, Jerry and the rest of the crew at USJoomlaPros. Not only was the service extremely fast, but the web site they created was outstanding! It was better than we could have hoped for. Thank you! We will be sure to use you again for future projects.


    Date of Posting: 25 April 2012
    Posted By: Sandra McCormack
    United States

    "USjoomlapros is the real deal. I've had numerous experiences where people fail to deliver on expected results. They did exactly as agreed upon and then some! Additionally, they were flexible as the project evolved." ,


    Date of Posting: 12 March 2012
    Posted By: Josh Williams Williams

    "Fast and friendly service. Always available. A pleasure to work with. So happy to have found such a great company to work with. We will tell everyone we know about Joomla Pros!!"


    Date of Posting: 05 March 2012
    Posted By: Annette Craig
    Executive Director With Hope, the Amber Craig Memorial Foundation, Placentia, CA

    Top service and reply time - I had an issue adressed and got reply within one hour. ! Thanks, it helps a lot to know that service is at hand when needed.


    Date of Posting: 31 January 2012
    Posted By: Monika Simecek

    These guys know what they're doing! I had several issues with my Joomla / Virtuemart site that needed addressed and they fixed them all! They completely re-designed my product detail page, and fixed several problems I was having with other areas of my site. I couldn't be happier! I will certainly use them for any future work.


    Date of Posting: 05 December 2011
    Posted By: Bill Pajak
    President, Ohio

    Joomla Pros, Thanks for the personalized help with our issues. We needed some specialized code created, and they produced it well and in short order. Much appreciated!


    Date of Posting: 15 November 2011
    Posted By: Kendra Schaefer
    Creative Principal, The Pixellary

    We had trouble migrating our joomla site and were forced to get outside help. After asking around through professional sites I was convinced usjoomlapros were right for us. My contact person was Scott and I found his professionalism and knowledge of all server aspects, migration details and trouble shooting to be way above what was expected. Our migration was with troubles as the hosting provider had a new server product and the migration was not 1,2,3. Even with issues in the move the rate quoted was honored and I feel most satisfied.


    Date of Posting: 03 November 2011
    Posted By: Mark Presson
    vp dev, mid west

    I have gone through many "Joomla Pros" in my journey to find a good team of genuine "Pros". These guys have been able to deliver on everything I have asked for without the usual "learning curve" that so many Joomla guys tend to put the average client through. I am very happy that I finally found a group of Joomla Pros that have been able to deliver some of the most challenging tasks I previously never thought possible. They were able to open me up to being totally creative without limitations. If you can design it, and dream it up, these guys can "joomla-ize" it for you.


    Date of Posting: 13 October 2011
    Posted By: Eric Merola
    Film Director, Los Angeles

    We have recently started looking for a K2 Multi Category selection tool for some of our clients. We found US Joomla Pros plugin and after confirming some details with the development team, gave it a go. Worked well out of the box and support acted quickly to adjust a couple of issues we were experiencing. Now it works perfectly!


    Date of Posting: 05 October 2011
    Posted By: Brenton King
    myiHub - Gold Coast Web Design & Marketing

    For months, I had the keys to this powerful Joomla platform, but just couldn't make it go. In stepped US Joomla Pros. In a week, they completely redesigned my site and brought it to life. Going forward, I now have the experts to help me make full use of the customer management backend. What more can I say? I highly recommend Scott and his crew!


    Date of Posting: 03 October 2011
    Posted By: Ron Lennox
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    WOW! I am really impressed with US Joomla Pros. I had a browser compatibility issue that i simply could not figure out after hours of troubleshooting. I had a strict deadline to meet so I decided to give them a shot and see what they coud do. Within 24 hours they had my issue fixed! They are very talented, more than fair pricing, and have great customer service. I will definitely be a returning customer.


    Date of Posting: 30 September 2011
    Posted By: Nick Winters
    United States

    Simply put, these guys are great. Reliable, and do what they're asked in a timely manner. Prices are reasonable.. I would give them a 5 out of 5. GOOD WORK!!!


    Date of Posting: 14 September 2011
    Posted By: Spencer Howe
    medical sales, colorado

    I highly recommend US Joomla Pros. They completed a complete refresh of our website within a week. Scott and his team are extremely competent with Joomla ... the turn around time was impressive. Customer service was excellent. We plan to use this group for ongoing support and maintenance. Patti Pickering Executive Director My TreeHouse, Inc.


    Date of Posting: 29 August 2011
    Posted By: Patti Pickering
    Executive Director, My TreeHouse, Inc., Dallas, Texas

    We had the need for multi categories in K2 because we offer free downloadable products on our site which fall into more than one category. These guys hooked it up! Works great. Not only that, I needed a solution for importing multiple categories. They customized the component for me so now we will save a boatload of time when transitioning to our new site. We have over 400 products to upload and it is sweet. Highly recommended.


    Date of Posting: 24 August 2011
    Posted By: Tim Hunt
    Designer, Illinois

    We worked with USJoomlaPros on a recent project for a Fortune 1000 company. Their team worked together with us to complete the project on time and budget. The project that was delivered exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be working with them again.


    Date of Posting: 15 August 2011
    Posted By: John Steinmetz
    Baton Rouge, LA / Atlanta, GA

    We needed a menu repair and Google Analytics installation on an existing Joomla website using a Rocket Theme template. After hiring three individual Joomla techs without success, I was impressed with the professional and quick service provided by US Joomla Pros. They got the project done fast and my client is pleased with the results.


    Date of Posting: 05 August 2011
    Posted By: Richard Rogers
    Owner / Rogers Graphics, Vashon Island, WA

    I happen to find US Joomla Pros online... As a desperate measure to fix some details on my site. How wonderfully surprised I was when the work was completed in a timely manner.. This has not been my experience with Website designers. I would strongly recommend them!


    Date of Posting: 05 August 2011
    Posted By: Cindy The GODpillow Lady
    Visionary Entrepeneur, Galax, VA

    US Joomla Pros was such a find for us! We needed some custom code written for a problematic shopping cart issue , as well as for a 3rd party API integration. Before finding US Joolma Pros, we tried several other resources, including some top- rated free lance sites. After spending a lot of money and losing precious time, we obtained no useful results. We even found a U.S. company that "said" they could do the project, yet again, we were disappointed when they did not deliver as promised. By the time we found Scott, we were extremely frustrated and skeptical about the whole process, but finally this company was up to the task. New to this type of project, I did not understand that the last 20% of the project is the most important: The "clean up" and final corrections to make it all work properly. Scott stayed with us though out the entire process! Thank you Scott! We will have more work for you!


    Date of Posting: 05 July 2011
    Posted By: Clayton Peebles

    We have been extremely impressed with US Joomla Pros. They integrated the MapR website, (which was done using the Joomla CMS), and created a single-sign-on (SSO) interface with 3rd party web applications that manage our sales leads, marketing analysis, document management, forum, as well as interface with the MapR licensing server thru a custom API. This was a very complex project and US Joomla was critical to us making our launch date. I would highly recommend Scott Prendergast and his team at US Joomla Pros.


    Date of Posting: 30 June 2011
    Posted By: Lisa Swenson

    The principals of our company were very impressed not only with US Joomla's complete redesign of our website but also that they were able to finish it within a tight deadline and fixed budget. Furthermore, our customers look forward to the lastest functionality which US Joomla is currently implementing that will enable them to review their accounts and make secure payments online. We appreciate your expertise and professionalism!


    Date of Posting: 21 June 2011
    Posted By: Michael Mendyk

    Fast reliable service at a good price. Who could ask for more. Shawn was quick to address our problem. While I hope to be trouble free in the future next time I need expert help I know where to go. Thanks! Fred Martinez


    Date of Posting: 21 June 2011
    Posted By: Fred Martinez
    Slidell, La

    Scott and his team was very professional and always available for support. Not only did he respond in the late evenings to request, but he created a complex database for our site If you have any questions or concerns about hiring Scott, please feel free to email me @ Our company has been established for over 15 year and Scott has gone above and beyond for my company needs.


    Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
    Posted By: Randy Wecker
    Westside Renatals

    The US Joomla Gurus are the most professional web programmers I have ever worked with. They will build websites from scratch or customize a purchased template to your specifications. I have had them do both options for my various client base with stellar results for either instance. In general; they work within a budget and complete my projects on time. I have never been over billed or charged for work that was not completed. They are a stable fixture in my contractor base of web coders and programmers. I recommend them highly.


    Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
    Posted By: Steven Keith Coulthard
    CEO, Coulthard Identity Group, Fremont, CA

    We selected US Joomla Pros to perform a complete redo of the current website in a very short period of time. We found Scott and his team to be very knowledgeable in web development and specifically Joomla. They did a super job selecting and tailoring a Content Construction Kit (CCK) for our application. We found them to be a trusted and knowledgeable partner throughout the entire process. We recommend them for Joomla development and we will soon be using them for additional functionality on the site.


    Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
    Posted By: Magued Barsoum
    Chief Technical Officer & VP of Product Management

    “We’ve been using Joomla! Gurus to develop our mission-critical website, Their consultative approach saved us considerable expense by modifying the MySQL database so we did not have to use a bridge to a document management system. I favor properly-built open-source solutions, and our team at JG understands the value of combining available tools in a custom integration. They easily integrated an original design and licensed template into the unique solution we needed.”


    Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
    Posted By: David Stabb
    CTO, I Consult MD

    Hassle free tansactions. I exchanged a few emails with Shawn, told him what happened and what I need help on our website. In a few days, all the issues were fixed and our site is back to normal. As we are a non-profit organization, US Joomla Pros gave us a discount but nonetheless, their service was first class. Very professional. Thank you.


    Date of Posting: 01 March 2011
    Posted By: Joe Duenas
    Website Content Administrator, Edmonton, CA

    JoomlaPros fixed a manual install for us that was riddled with glitches and errors. I had been on the phone with hosting support for TWO DAYS with no tangible results - JoomlaPros installed Joomla and templates for TWO domains in about TWO HOURS! We couldn't be happier! I have already told everyone I come in contact with about the professionalism and quick turnaround. We highly recommend JoomlaPros!


    Date of Posting: 24 February 2011
    Posted By: Jenn Tarrant
    Partner Consultant, 12oz of Hope, Phoenix, AZ

    We are extraordinarily impressed by the decisive, high-caliber technical expertise we have received with Joomla Pros. As we approached a tight deadline they were flexible and yet professional and did what it took to meet our goals. They are a rare find! And women around the world in our network are better for it.


    Date of Posting: 24 February 2011
    Posted By: Linda Higdon
    President of the Global Room for Women

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